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TrotelCoin is not maintained anymore.


TrotelCoin is an educational web3 project. It aims to simplify understanding of web3 by offering comprehensive resources. Learners can take part in quizzes and interactive activities, earning our token as a reward through their learning journey.


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We've put together some useful guides to help you use get started quickly and easily.

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The project aims to achieve decentralization, and to accomplish this, we have established a governance system. Explore these resources if you wish to gain a deeper understanding of it.

🗳️Voting system🧠GovernorBravo

Smart contracts

In the end, it's important to ensure your safety by engaging only with the project's official smart contracts and avoiding potential scams.

📄Official addresses


For businesses seeking to attract new users to their project or ecosystem, this page provides information on how to list on the TrotelCoin platform.

🚀Listing on the platform


Explore our ressources to get started.

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