🔄Swap & Bridge

Why trading on TrotelCoin help you become wealthy?

👉 17 blockchains such as Optimism, Blast, Linea, Base, zkSync, and more.

👉 2700+ tokens supported.


🤝 Zero Fee

Plus, we don't charge any fees unlike Uniswap (0.25%) or MetaMask (0.8%).

💸 Farming Airdrops

We use Socket, which combines liquidity across EVM blockchains. If there was an airdrop, you would have already utilized the protocol.

🦊 TrotelCoin's Swap

Swap TROTEL with confidence and unlock access to the entire ecosystem by holding TROTEL.

⛽️ Refuel

Since we're utilizing Socket, we support the refuel feature, meaning you don't require the native token of the destination chain to execute a bridge.

🪄 Made For You

Pick what suits you best. You can optimize the route for the fastest transfer, the most economical transfer, or the one that results in the highest number of tokens at the end.

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