📄Official addresses

All smart contracts are open-source. You can find the code on the following Github repository: https://github.com/trotelcoin/trotelcoin-contracts.

We're ONLY operating on Polygon PoS.

Here are the official smart contract's addresses.

  • TrotelCoin : 0x85057d5a8d063f9075Ba963101D76352051675E5

  • TrotelCoin DAO Treasury : 0x804BCfe2cF0C9d363fE2D85FF29CF0A8FfcBB8db

  • TrotelCoin Early NFT : 0x72589e2FdDE5503d1cC5b17Bb2e112d589AA69D5

  • TrotelCoin Staking V1 : 0x47350DEF1f6CDA6022703e5e05e6b9a3Ab4b7703

  • TrotelCoin Staking V2 : 0x5BE3D6E046e69751fBB960FAE3E9c7BF4e011E2a

  • TrotelCoin Shop : 0xE5DafF84A4F01AE83f8F1F987cC4140E3B7cd639


  • TrotelCoin Intermediate NFT : 0xbd06D7cf678d2747A076c52Ec977e6A8F21dE936

  • TrotelCoin Expert NFT : 0x0BCB13D87ee7396C5079b147458B7d813982939e

DO NOT USE THESE ADRESSES (you may lost your funds)

  • 0xdff02e0dC24F716CA4A35b75817688563080d196

  • 0xA245f17E3e8ab4053b45012494F75d7eB3295050

  • 0x37f1ec0D84EadB3D5b9b1D6731De554360570CCE

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