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If you own a project and wish to be featured on our platform as a sponsor, we'll guide you through the process. But before starting, let us share with you the reasons why creating a course on our platform can be a valuable marketing opportunity for you.

  1. Increased visibility. By featuring your project on our platform, you access to our community, gaining exposure to a wider audience. This increased visibility can attract potential users and customers.

  2. Credibility boost. Being part of a reputable platform adds credibility to your project. Users are more likely to trust and engage with projects that are showcased on established platforms, enhancing your project's credibility.

  3. Educational marketing. A course provides an excellent opportunity to educate your target audience about the unique features and benefits of your project. Educational content often resonates well with users and can help differentiate your project in a crowded market.

  4. Strategic partnerships. Collaborating with our platform opens doors to potential partnerships. Other creators and businesses on the platform may find synergies with your project, leading to mutually beneficial collaborations.

  5. Onboard users. Our platform encourages interaction, allowing users to actively engage with and manipulate your project. This enhances the ease of use for them and facilitates their entry into your ecosystem more seamlessly.

Finally, you can view the platform's activity and engage with our community by visiting https://app.trotelcoin.com/statistics.

Listing on the platform

The process to list on the platform is the following.

Initially, we aim to understand your requirements thoroughly. To achieve this, we can either schedule a call or provide you with a document template. This ensures a clear understanding of the objectives for your campaign.

Subsequently, we develop the course for your review. You have the option to validate it afterward or opt to create the course in accordance with our established rules and guidelines.

Lastly, we integrate the course onto the platform and gather indicators to assess the campaign's success.


Tailored to your budget, we offer various options to enhance your campaign. For instance, promoting user interaction with smart contracts through interactive activities is strongly recommended, but it may result in a higher cost to accommodate the additional development processes.

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