📚Proof of Collective Intelligence

The Proof of Collective Intelligence is a fresh idea in decentralized education. It lets everyone contribute new courses to the app because we believe that teaching is a great way to learn from each other.

To make sure only good quality courses get added while still being flexible, we've come up with this system:

  1. Workflow:

    • Creators fill out a form with course information.

    • They provide a title for the course.

    • They choose a category (like Web3).

    • They can pick sub-categories (such as DeFi).

    • They create the course content with 6 to 12 slides.

    • They include quiz questions and answers (up to 8 questions).

    • Creators pay a fee to submit the course and ensure community security. The fee is not refundable.

  2. How it works:

    • All this data is put into a json file.

    • This file is sent to IPFS (InterPlanetary File System).

    • The IPFS gives a unique code (CID).

    • This CID is used in a smart contract to add the course and give it an ID.

    • The creators' addresses are linked to their course so they can earn revenue from it.

  3. Voting period:

    • There's a period for voting on the course. Once the course has been submitted, it cannot be modified. Depending on their grades, creators can list faster or not.

      • For Beginners, it's 2 weeks.

      • For Intermediates, it's 1 week.

      • For Experts, it's 3 days.

    • Users vote using specific criterias serving as feedbacks for the creator.

    • A quorum will be introduced when TrotelCoin will reach a more mature decentralized stage.

  4. How voting works:

    • Voting power is based on factors like TROTEL balance and staking balance.

    • Grades (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert) also affect users' voting power.

  5. What happens next:

    • If the course gets enough votes, it's added to the app automatically.

    • If not, the creator can make changes and try again in 3 days.

Note: we will support videos and other kind of courses in the future.

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