Many people struggle to understand the basics of cryptocurrencies. They're unsure about what a blockchain is, how to set up a wallet, or even what a digital token like ERC20 means. They also may not know about the importance of having enough funds to use the blockchain.

Before they can reach their goals in the crypto world, they need education about these concepts. Once they understand cryptocurrencies better, they can start investing and exploring opportunities in this field.

When they've learned more, they can take charge of their investments. By understanding concepts like DeFi and Web3, they can find better investment opportunities and identify trends in the cryptocurrency market. They will also be prepared to adapt to the evolution of the market.

What is TrotelCoin?

To address these challenges, we've developed TrotelCoin, a platform focused on making cryptocurrency education accessible, easy to understand, and enjoyable. We believe that by providing educational resources and tutorials, individuals can understand the fundamentals and make informed decisions.

TrotelCoin aims to simplify the complex concepts of cryptocurrencies through clear explanations, intuitive platforms, and engaging resources such as drawings and videos. By centralizing information and offering personalized learning journeys, users can learn faster and achieve their goals more efficiently.

With features like interactive courses, quizzes, videos, and gamification, users can enhance their understanding and motivation.

Our mission

Making blockchain education simple.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a world where people have the knowledge to understand the potential of web3.

We envision a future where people from everywhere can navigate into the web3, make informed transactions, and actively participate in the decentralized financial revolution.

TrotelCoin aims to be a catalyst for the mass adoption of web3 technologies.


We offer a range of tools and resources to enhance the learning experience:

  1. Interactive Courses: Understand the basics of cryptocurrency to help users to get started. These courses are designed to be easy to understand.

  2. Quizzes: Test your knowledge and reinforce learning with quizzes. These quizzes not only help boost memory but also reward users with cryptocurrency as they progress through their learning journey.

  3. Videos: Visualize complex concepts with our library of educational videos. These videos offer a dynamic way to learn, making it easier to understand and retain information.

  4. Gamification: Keep motivation high and establish a consistent learning routine through gamification. Earn rewards, badges, and progress through levels to enhance your learning experience.

  5. The Coach: Benefit from a curated learning program tailored to your goals. The Coach provides personalized guidance and recommendations to help you reach your learning objectives faster.

  6. Community: Contribute by crafting your own courses, share insights, and learn from the best in the field to master your knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

Proof of Collective Intelligence

The Proof of Collective Intelligence is a fresh idea in decentralized education. It's about bringing people together to build quality educational content. Here's how it works:

Anyone can suggest new courses for the community to learn from, starting with Web3 topics. Users create course content, including slides and quizzes. Then, they pay a fee in TROTEL, a digital currency. This fee helps support the community and prevents spam.

Most of the fee is burned, which means it's taken out of circulation forever, ensuring the value of the currency. A small portion goes to the TrotelCoin decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Next, the proposed course goes to a public vote by DAO members. People can vote based on how much TROTEL they hold. If the course gets enough support, it's listed on the platform for everyone to access. If not, the user can try again or make improvements.

In simple terms, it's a way for everyone to contribute their knowledge and help decide what gets taught. It's like a big group effort to create a library of useful learning materials.

Business model

The application generate revenues from two ways.

From users (B2C): When someone buys a rank like Intermediate or Expert, we get a commission. We also earn from each item purchased in the shop and from the fees for listing a course.

From businesses (B2B): We charge fees when companies advertise on our platform as sponsors.

We also automatically burn available tokens from those transactions. This helps make the token more valuable and rewards the people learning.

These earnings help us enhance the app and make your learning experience even better.

TROTEL distribution algorithm

The TROTEL distribution algorithm is designed to simulate the distribution of tokens based on the number of quizzes answered by users. This algorithm aims to control inflation by regulating the rate at which tokens are distributed annually while incentivizing user participation.

import random
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

# Function to simulate reward distribution
def calculate_rewards(remaining_tokens):
    min_reward = remaining_tokens // 10  # 10%
    max_reward = remaining_tokens // 4   # 25%
    return random.randint(int(min_reward), int(max_reward))

# Simulating rewards for different numbers of quizzes answered
maximum_annual_distribution = 1000000 * 1e18 # Maximum annual distribution
daily_tokens = maximum_annual_distribution // 365 # Daily tokens
remaining_tokens = daily_tokens / 50 # Remaining tokens
total_rewards = 0 # Total rewards

# Simulating rewards for different numbers of quizzes answered
quizzes_answered = list(range(1, 1001))  # Simulation for 100 quizzes
rewards = []

for quizzes in quizzes_answered:
    reward = calculate_rewards(remaining_tokens)
    total_rewards += reward
    remaining_tokens -= reward / 50

# Displaying the results
print("Daily Tokens:", daily_tokens * 1e-18)
print("Total Rewards:", total_rewards * 1e-18)
print("Remaining Tokens:", remaining_tokens * 1e-18)

# Plotting the graph
plt.plot(quizzes_answered, [reward * 1e-18 for reward in rewards], linestyle='-', color='b')
plt.title('Simulated Rewards per Quizzes Answered')
plt.xlabel('Number of quizzes answered in a day')
plt.ylabel('Simulated Rewards in TrotelCoin')

# Displaying the graph


This algorithm simulates a reward distribution system based on answering quizzes. Here's a breakdown of the steps:

  1. Setting Up: The algorithm is designed to distribute rewards to people who answer quizzes. It starts by defining the maximum amount of rewards that can be given out annually. Then, it calculates how many tokens can be distributed each day and sets aside a portion of these tokens for distribution.

  2. Calculating Rewards: The calculate_rewards function simulates how many tokens a person will receive as a reward. It randomly chooses a number between 10% and 25% of the remaining tokens to distribute.

  3. Distribution: As rewards are given out, the algorithm reduces the number of remaining tokens available for distribution each time. This ensures that rewards can continue to be given out over time while staying within the daily distribution limit.

In simple terms, the algorithm sets aside tokens for rewards, calculates how many tokens each person gets based on how many quizzes they answer, and then distributes those tokens accordingly, making sure not to exceed the daily distribution limit.

Note: Since TIP-5, rewards are multiplied for Intermediate and Expert users.

Result of the simulation

The generated graph provide insights into the behavior of the TROTEL distribution algorithm based on user interaction and token distribution.

Learn more by checking the simulation repository : https://github.com/TrotelCoin/trotelcoin-algorithm.


To contribute to the liquidity pool on Uniswap, investors can provide an equal value of MATIC and TROTEL tokens in the pool.

This process helps to improve the liquidity of the TROTEL token, enabling users to trade it seamlessly while maintaining stability.

By participating in the liquidity pool, investors not only contribute to the ecosystem but also have the opportunity to earn commissions on transactions carried out on Uniswap using the TROTEL token.

A 1% default fee fixed by Uniswap on the original liquidity pool is applied. This will be used to support project operations, including platform development, marketing efforts and other essential activities, ensuring the project's long-term growth and success.

By contributing to the pool, users not only benefit from the liquidity and stability it provides, but also contribute to the project's continued growth and sustainability.

Preventing frauds and bots

It is essential to note that each participant will only be able to answer the questionnaire once. We are also using captcha before each quiz submission to avoid bots spam. In the future, we may integrade solutions such as Polygon ID or Worldcoin ID to facilitate this process.

The inclusion of these guidelines underlines our commitment to fairness and honesty, as we fight to establish a quiz environment characterized by transparency and impartiality for all participants.

Furthermore, the distribution algorithm discourages spammers as the rewards decrease when more people respond to the quizzes.

Token utility

The token plays a central role in the TrotelCoin project. Here is why.

Rewarding learners

The TROTEL acts as a reward for learners. Consequently, the TROTEL token serves as an encouragement to inspire individuals to engage in learning.


Users gain access to additional courses and benefits by holding TROTEL. Currently, there are two ranks available: Intermediate and Expert. These ranks provide users with access to advanced courses, additional features, and experimental functionalities.


Owning TROTEL grants you access to participate in the governance. You will have the opportunity to vote on upcoming proposals aimed at modifying the protocol logic or enhancing user experience. Additionally, holding a specific amount of TROTEL enables you to submit your own proposals.


In our shop, every purchase is made using the TROTEL token. This gives the token a utility in our system and allows people to buy things. When you buy something, part of the tokens is burned. This helps keep the value of the TROTEL token stable.


Sponsored courses will be showcased on the platform, and we will ensure that only high quality courses are accepted. This provides businesses with an opportunity to promote their projects and attract users. In this regard, the TROTEL token will serve as the payment method for businesses seeking to list on the platform and a percentage will be burned.

Note: We invite you to check the tokenomics page for more informations about the token.


In summary, TrotelCoin wants to transform cryptocurrency education, influencing people's behavior to make them feel secure when entering this ecosystem. Our web3 platform provides users with interactive resources, earning possibilities, and a community environment that promotes both learning and collaboration.

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